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Welcome To Sexy Boudoir Photography

You have found the photo portfolio for Sexy Boudoir Photography. I am Mearle Gates, the sole owner and photographer. These are my very special images covering a wide range of approaches to photography of beautiful nude women of all sizes and persuasions. From classic portraits, to boudoir, to art nudes, to the erotic, you’ll find it all here.

I’ve been a photographer for a very long time. My father was a photographer, and my mother an artist, so I guess you can say I’m predestined to do the same, yet on my own independent path, following on to seek  edgy, artsy, and even sexually charged images.

If there is a willing model involved, and there are a huge number represented here, I’ll always find a way to bring out her sexy best, and make her very desirable, all while having fun doing it. You will see so easily how that shows in my work. It is my honor and privilege to share my work with you.

Kawzeera – Take 3

And again with Kawzeera. Our new favorite lately showing off her feminine wiles. A new twist this time, heavy on video clips, some benign like rubbing lotion on her feet, plucking flowers, squashing a tangerine to pulp, and Kawzeera getting a spanking for arriving late. Of coarse some others rather more sexual and orgasmic videos too. Could we resist getting in a few art nudes along the way? No.

If you too want to shoot with Kawzeera you may contact her at (267)686-0906 or by email at Princesskajira@gmail.com

Art Nude



candle wax on breasts

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Katie Gets Naked

Katie Get Naked sounds a tad classier than Katie Cums, her suggestion, so that’s what we’ll go with. Katie got naked and made very sure not one detail of her lovely body went unrecorded to “film”. An erotic, at times pornographic shoot, fun of coarse, and full of interesting imagery, as our fan club members will attest.

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