Mearle Gates

Giving Freedom to Beauty

Hi! My name is Mearle Gates. I’m a wedding and portrait photographer with a studio here in Olympia, Washington. I love photographing and working with people. It gives me true pleasure to know that the images I create with our collabotation of ideas will bring back warm feelings for a lifetime.

The images I create with you are definately sexy and alluring and even a little daring, but still are totally you. I firmly believe that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors; every woman is a work of art! And yet, I also fully understand the insecurities that we all have about our bodies and our looks and have a knack for putting you at ease.

I take full advantage of the artistic flexibility and immediate feedback that digital photography has to offer in order to help make your shoot a success. Having helped many models with their image portfolios I have a unique understanding of posing techniques that are guaranteed to bring out your best features and camouflage those pesky little flaws (not that you have any, right?)

So don’t believe what you see in the mirror. The full truth of your beauty is only seen and captured through my lens and camera. Strategic use of lighting, posing, wardrobe, and props, and a little retouching can all help create gorgeous photos of any woman that her significant other will quite simply fall in love with! Invariably, my clients are delighted to see how beautiful they are in their photos – because my images of them speak only the truth! You are beautiful to behold!

To talk further about giving freedom to the expression of your feminine beauty, please email or call me at (360)280-0598. Pricing on boudoir photography packages available on request.

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