An Anonymous Vagina Cast Model

OK. Today I initiated a new method of doing this sort of casting. Earlier I had used Alginate. This time I used silicone rubber to make the mold. The advantage being it’s permanent and multiple copies can be made. Very pleased with the incredible detail and ease of mixing and application.
This will be an ongoing post, updated with progressive stages toward the creation of two final cold cast bronze castings. So stay tuned over the next week or so for developments along this front.

Due to the extreme curvature of the mold about a dozen layers of plaster were applied beginning with a thin consistency ending with a thick paste-like consistency to form a smoothed finished contour.

and then the moment of revelation, the cast separated from the rubber mold:

On a related note, here are the latest creations of our flying Pussy – for sale. Cold cast bronze and Copper versions included.

Some of the photos are rather too explicit for open public viewing here so I’ll have to reserve for my Platinum Fan Club members some of the before shots and one of the more interesting shots of the contest between labia and mold as the two were parting company. My apologies about the membership thing, but I’m trying to keep a _somewhat_ respectable front end to this site anyway. Joining gains you access to the full site content with almost 400 erotic nude photo shoots. I’m told the $29.95 cost is well worth it.

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