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Dennis is a recent Platinum Fan Cub member and surely has my sincere appreciation for taking the time to write so kindly about my work. Even after seeing my unabridged portfolio he was regretful he couldn’t bring his own wife to me for Boudoir photos. But Massachusetts is a tad bit far away.

Dear Mr. Gates,
I just wanted to drop along a quick note to let you know how much I have enjoyed viewing your work on your website.
While I know very little about professional photography, I feel quite comfortable stating that your work that has been shared on your site seems to possess qualities that I have not seen on other boudoir photographer sites. The richness of color, clarity and texture and composition of all your photos are truly captivating if not mesmerizing! The posing of your models, themes and picture angles are far and away better than anything else that I have seen.
I found your website almost by accident…I was conducting an internet search of boudoir photographers in the hopes of finding someone of your level of skill and quality. About a year and half ago, my wife had a photo session done by a local “boudoir photographer”. While some of the pictures were nice, we were a little disappointed overall with the quality and consistency of what we bought. My wife and I agree that many of the pictures provided to us were too dark or shadowy, and maybe the poses were a little too “safe”, for lack of a better word. We are looking for a qualified and experienced artist that will do some amazing things in a boudoir/sensual nude format. My wife is a dance teacher and choreographer and is in good shape…we think that this would make for some very good boudior pictures. The photographer we used had not been in the business for very long, although she was a very nice young woman. I think we could have done much better.
Unfortunately, we live in Massachusetts…a long way from your place of business in Washington state! I’m sure that your approach to this type of photography would have been what we were looking for! I guess we will simply have to keep on looking…
Thanks again for sharing your work and best regards,
Dennis Leahy

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