Krafty Krazy Kaylynne

infectious krazy, Kaylynne might bite you, she might rip your heart out, or she might just be stubborn and tease you and lead you down the rosey lane until you are krazy with lust for her. Beware of Krafty Kaylynne.
Fortunately, as you can see in one of the videos later on, we can document her frightening behavior. I narrowly escaped with all my fingers intact as she literally chomped on my hand like a ravenous shark. But thanks to a very strong straight jacket and a well conditioned response to hypnotic suggestion we were just barely able to escape her clutches. Some booster shots to her prescribed zombie meds, and we were even able to let her out of her straight jacket for a view of her sex crazed attitude. Say your prayers brothers and sisters. You might be next.

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