Frequently Asked Questions

OK. Given the fact you’ll totally enjoy it and get some great photos of yourself, here are some of your common questions answered:

How much will this cost me?

No money changes hands for the TF shoots. You get to pick 10 to 20 favorite images immediately following the shoot, the number depending on whether we shoot for art nudes or for erotic nudes.  I’ll retouch and give you these free. In return I  get to use the photos on my web site and blog portfolios to show off my work. 

Oh, OK got it. And this is totally safe I know I looked at your site, I am just sometimes worried about stuff like this if I dont know somebody, but I think it would be fine…I just wanna show off what I got I guess haha and I know you can help me figure that out…so I get to be nude for sure right?

Yes you get to be nude. All my nude models pose completely naked. LOL

I have never modeled but I would love to learn, I mean I like to strut my stuff so… I mean what kind of stuff would we be doing exactly?

Every shoot is customized to the model and her personality. For example, a gal who swears she’ll never get married would not be caught dead wearing a wedding veil that I use sometimes with my nudes. I encourage you to bring a small amount of lingerie even though the shoot is primarily nude. So we’ll do portraits, and art nudes for sure in your case (you have a great figure for that), and from there, well, I guess it’s up to you and just how much you are willing to strut your stuff. Many of the girls come in wanting “special” photos for their guy, so it can get pretty heated, and we have fun with that, but again it’s just going to depend on you and how comfortable you are with your body.

Could you clarify the difference between a “nude shoot” and an “erotic nude shoot”?

An erotic nude shoot has overtones of provocative attitude that may suggest sexual motivations or desire. The kitty will be clearly visible and intentionally presented in many of the full body poses.  Many of the erotic nude models are actually quite comfortable with their sexuality and greatly enjoy putting it all on full display in exchange for some truly awesome and unique photography not available on a professional level anywhere else, or for pay for the especially open minded models.

What if i dont have any lingerie? Do I have to go buy some?

Not at all. I have lots of odds and ends to grab at a moments notice.  Read the preparation info here: How to Prepare for Your Nude Photo Shoot The directions for finding the studio are there as well.

OK, I read it, this is always good to know. It gives me more of an idea of what to expect. … So is this just for you, or your company, or how exactly does that work?

This is strictly for me and my own Fan Club and web site here. Some special images may even be offered for sale as prints of fine art nudes. It’s fun; I love creating the art and working with the lovely young ladies who want to strut their stuff. They get the images that make them look ever so desirable and sexy, and I am just tickled that I can help. The photos will not be sold to any other web site!

I love your work! My only  remaining concern is that I am considering running for public office, and would hate to be kicked off the ballot because I had a scandal with nude photos circulating online. I am fine with you keeping the photos for your personal portfolio, but would prefer if no pictures including my face were published online. Can you accommodate these restrictions?

I go out of my way to shield models in your situation from concerns of being outed for the nude photos they enjoy doing. In fact I have a special model release to address that. It stipulates your face or identity will not be revealed under any circumstances. You’ll use a stage name for the anonymous photos I do post. We can use a mask, your hair, the turn of your head, or just crop out everything above the neck. The photos are obviously not going to be with any expressive facial features so it’s all about your body then, both artistically and erotically. Of course you can still receive photos that show your face, but those then are strictly for you and you alone. Mind you, I don’t do this with models who are being paid, just for models doing trade shoots – time for photos.

And in the event you want absolute and total privacy to the photos, not even allowing anonymous versions on my site, then there’s always the Boudoir photography route. Totally private, and it does come at a reasonable and affordable price.

Thats great!  …How do I sign up?

Email me at, or text me at (360)280-0598

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