Preparing For Your Nude Shoot

Information and driving directions for prospective Sexy Boudoir models.

Very much like preparing for a boudoir shoot, but less so.
In other words, less clothing. Actually I still like to have some lightweight sheer and sexy items on hand for photos of partial nudity and to allow for frontal but more modest posing.
Full exposure is inevitable however, and so make a note that where you shave, that should be touched up to be stubble free and smooth unless otherwise specified.

Nude modeling sessions include a range of images for you, from simple portraits, some boudoir style, to art nudes and even boldly sexual images for the erotic nude shoots.  Quite a few of the images will still retain the mystery and leave a lot to the imagination, but the wonderful beauty of the intimate details will be shared too, empowered by your sexual liberation and all the pleasures to the mind and body that allows for you. While there will likely be a considerable thrill to you from expressing your sexuality so openly, it’s all part of obtaining amazing, authentic, and yes, even exciting images of yourself that you can be proud to share with someone close to you, or even to just save for yourself to remember how you were in your prime of life.

If you want to sign up for an erotic nude photo or video shoot and then come in with a list of things you won’t do, and putting major constraints on the creative process, that’s not going to work. You need to be completely comfortable showing off all your feminine charms, and freely giving expression to your sexuality for the camera. The erotic shoot photos, while remaining at least somewhat artful, are for the most part boldly sexual, and designed to arouse both the male and female libido.

A thorough review of my photography here on the blog should give you a fair idea of what erotic nude modeling might entail, despite most of the hotter  images here being password protected. Even the art nude modeling is full nudity. This is the real deal.
Before the shoot we may go through a range of printed images to allow you to preview all the possibilities available.

Bring a robe if you like, to wear between lighting setups. There is of course a bathroom nearby for makeup application and changing. After a while though, you’ll find yourself totally comfortable in your native state, making changes in attire on the spot more convenient.

If you have anything in particular that might interest you for a shoot theme on the side, just bring what you need for that. I’ve even had a bit of fashion shooting mixed in with my nude shoots.

Be sure to be wearing loose fitting clothing when you come in, so you don’t have those red marks on your skin from socks, bra, or panties. A loose fitting pull-over dress works especially well. We’ll definitely start with nudes while your skin is still unmarked from elastic in your clothing. Later in the shoot you can wear anything you like.
Some friendly reminders: Take care of those chapped lips. Use hand lotion on your feet for a week before the shoot if you have dry or flaking skin on your feet. Look at your nail polish work; is it half peeled off and needing some touchup? Attention to these details helps greatly to give you good photos.
Regarding modeling during that time of the month – schedule around it please. Enough said.

The important thing is that this be fun for all concerned. And somehow it just always turns out to be. With awesome photos to boot!

P.S. Although I use my iPod with an extensive selection of music during the photo session, you are also welcome to bring your own iPod of favorite music. I also can play your favorite music from Pandora.


For trade shoots you get to pick 20 favorite images for your portfolio immediately following the shoot. After I complete the retouching the images are then emailed to you. If you are being paid for adult modeling you’ll still receive 20 edited photos for your portfolio.


I don’t mind escorts, but they must be female, just to avoid potential issues with jealous or over protective boyfriends. Your attention needs to stay completely on your modeling and not on what your friend might be thinking or saying. Modeling is not a spectator sport, so the escort may be nearby in another room and available on-call perhaps to  hold a light in a special way, but otherwise should be out of sight and quiet.
The shoot is 3+ hours, so the escort should come prepared to be either bored to death waiting until we’re finished, or bring a book. (Sometimes they want to join the action though, and that is totally cool.)

Contact Information and Address:

Mearle Gates
1631 Lana Ln SW
Tumwater, WA 98512

Driving Directions:

Take Exit 102 off I-5 onto Trosper Rd. & go West on Trosper Rd.
Go 2 Blocks and turn right on Lake Park Dr.
Go 2 blocks and turn left onto Lana Ln., a dead end street, just 2 blocks long.
1631 is a brown house with a green roof on the right.
Just park in front. Lots of room there. Don’t park in the driveway.

Bring your driver’s license in too. I’ll need to verify you’re over 18.

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