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Terms and Conditions of Purchase/Membership

You must read and agree to these Terms and Conditions before you can join. Please read them carefully. By purchasing a Membership with Sexy Boudoir Photography, d.b.a. sexyboudoir.com/wordpress, (hereinafter “SB”), you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. By clicking on the button to join the Sexy Boudoir Fan Club, you are agreeing to the following:

I certify that I am 18 years of age or over and am permitted by law to view adult materials and I understand that this site contains material of a sexual nature.

I certify that I am viewing the site from a private location in which the general public does not have access.

The payment method I am using reflects the fact that I am 18 years of age or older and I am fully authorized to use this payment method for membership to an adult site.

I certify that my membership will be used for my own personal enjoyment and that I will not share, resell or transfer my membership nor will I provide my username or password to any third party.

1. Book-marking to a page on the site whereby the non-member page(s) and/or Terms and Conditions are bypassed shall constitute an implicit acceptance of the Terms and Conditions herein and an explicit acknowledgment of age of majority.

2. Commercial use of ANY material on the SB site by a member is strictly prohibited. You may not modify any graphic, content or other materials on the site. You are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from publicly displaying any material from the site and from reselling any graphic, content or image, whether static or live, found on the site. By purchasing a membership, you are being granted only a non-commercial license to personally view the content in question. No right to remove, modify or alter any copyright or trademarks or transfer any material located on the site to any other person is being granted. SB reserves the right to terminate this license AT ANY TIME without cause.

3. All materials on the SB site is copyrighted. The materials on the site may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without written permission. Purchase of a Membership does not grant any express or implied right to you under any trademarks, copyrights or other proprietary information.

4. If subscribed to the Adult fan club membership, you are responsible for paying monthly subscription fees to SB in an amount noted at the time of your registration with the site. SB reserves the right to modify the fees from time to time without notice and you should check the site for any indication of such a change. Membership fees are non-refundable once your password has been used to access the site. If you wish to cancel a membership, please send a message indicating as such, and your membership information to mearle@sexyboudoir.com.

5. This agreement shall be fully enforceable and you authorize SB to charge your credit card or other approved method of payment for any ongoing membership fee. This agreement shall remain in full force and effect until you cancel your membership pursuant to the procedures and terms noted above. You are liable for charges incurred until termination of service.

6. SB reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend, modify or change any and all parts of these Terms and Conditions without cause. Any such changes shall be effective immediately upon implementation. Your continued use of this site as a membership shall constitute your acceptance of any such changes. If you do not accept any such changes, you should terminate your membership immediately.

7. SB retains the right to terminate any Membership for any reason at any time. When a member requests termination, fees are NOT refunded. Members are liable for charges incurred by them until termination of service. Members terminated due to copyright infringement will be presented with a bill for the violating image usage and for attorney fees required for collection. Payment in full will be expected in 30 days.

8. Refunds, if any, made will be done so by crediting the source of funds that was used to make the original membership purchase. No other form of refund will be made.

9. As a Member, you are responsible for providing all necessary computer and communications equipment to gain access to the site.

10. The content of the SB site is intended for the personal use of ADULTS ONLY. To obtain a membership, you MUST be at least 18 years old unless your country or state has a different age limit.

11. You must check your jurisdiction to determine the age limit required for viewing adult content. The materials available within the SB site may include graphic visual depictions and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity. This material should NOT be accessed by anyone who is not of sufficient age for their jurisdiction or who does not wish to be exposed to such materials. By purchasing a Membership you are certifying that:

12. “Under penalty of perjury, I swear/affirm that as of this moment, I am an adult, at least 18 years of age or older if my jurisdiction requires it. I will not permit any minor to have access to any of the materials contained within the SB site I have joined. I understand that when I gain access to the SB site, I may be exposed to visual images, verbal descriptions and audio sounds of a sexually oriented nature, which may include graphic visual depictions and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity. I am voluntarily choosing to do so for my own personal enjoyment, information or education. My choice reflects my interest in sexual matters, which is generally shared by average adults in my community in my experience. I am familiar with the standards in my community regarding the acceptance of such sexually oriented materials, and the materials I expect to encounter are within those standards. In my judgment, the average adult in my community accepts the consumption of such materials by willing adults in circumstances such as this which offer reasonable insulation from the materials for minors and unwilling adults, and will not find such materials to appeal to a prurient interest or to be patently offensive.”

13. All materials on the SB site are provided “as is.” SB offers no assurances or guarantees, whether expressed or implied, that the content on the site will be active at all times or error free. No warranty of merchantability, whether express or implied, is made by SB regarding the site. Should any member seek to recover monetary damages from SB in regard to any service provided on a site including, but not limited to, issues regarding membership, the parties to this Agreement specifically agree that said recover shall be limited to an amount equal to the then current basic membership fee most recently paid or the fee paid for an Adult Membership for the month proceeding the filing of any complaint, whichever is applicable to the dispute.

14. This Agreement, and any dispute arising from your viewing the SB site, will be governed and determined by the laws of Washington excluding any laws that direct the application of another jurisdiction’s law. Any dispute that arises under or relates to this Agreement (whether contract, tort, or both) will be resolved in the relevant court having jurisdiction in Olympia, WA, and the parties expressly waive any right they may otherwise have to cause any such action or proceeding to be brought or tried elsewhere.

15. Any provision of this Agreement that in any way contravenes the law of any state or country in which this Agreement is effective will, in that state or country, to the extent the law is contravened, be considered separable and inapplicable and will not affect any other provision or provisions of this Agreement.

16. Any and all questions regarding these Terms and Conditions should be submitted to: mearleg@sexyboudoir.com

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